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Sexuality is my passion and I’m available to speak on: sexual and gender orientations, how readers can increase sexual connection, sexual exploration, coping with sexual dysfunction, kinky and polyamourous relationships, increasing sexual confidence, critiques of popular sex myths, Black women’s/WOC sexuality and more!!


Courtney Watson, LMFT is an up and coming sexuality expert who can speak to the academic side of sexology and the everyday experiential aspects of sexuality. Check out the podcast interviews below to see where she has been featured!


To schedule an interview, media appearance or get Courtney’s opinion on a particular sexuality or psychotherapy topic, please contact Courtney here.



Podcast/Audio Interviews

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How do I talk to my kid about sexual assualt

Therapy for black girls

Respectability & Sexuality

Black People Kink

Kinky Sex Therapy


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Non professional media contributions

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