Sexuality Consultation for Organizations

Many organizations are increasingly realizing the need in addressing sexual diversity and competence among its employees. Often, there are only a few resources that can be found to provide high quality assistance in navigating this new terrain. My sexuality consultation services are geared to address the unique challenges both smaller agencies and larger corporations face when implementing sexuality awareness in the work place.

For many organizations the importance of strategizing with a sexuality consultant can not be understated. Going beyond sexual harassment trainings, our consultation work can include:

  • policy formulation
  • diversity training for management
  • professional development
  • sex education workshops
  • creating organizational changes after a lawsuit
  • fostering and maintaining an inclusive professional environment

What you can expect:

After your free 20 minute consultation you will receive a training request form that you will submit electronically. I offer in person or virtual meetings through my video portal with I will review the form prior to our meeting so that we can take full advantage of our time together. Standard rates for a 1 hour presentation is $400 (please see the video above for the price breakdown). If you are interested in a training series pricing may differ. Lets talk and see how I can best meet your needs.

I have facilitated large company trainings with over 200 employees and met one on one with corporation executives to chart plans for company culture shifts. I realize just as every company is unique, so to are its sexual consultation needs. My commitment to you is to help you to hit the target initiatives you have planned for your incorporating sexuality ethics into your business.