Sexuality Consultation for Professionals

My philosophy in Sexuality Consulting  centers around the idea that being successful in the helping profession includes fully seeing the client in our work with them. This full picture includes appropriately and effectively assessing ways in which sexuality is a part of what our clients are facing.
Being that sex and sexuality tend to be sensitive subjects, many clincianstread lightly when addressing this with clients. Sometimes that means sexual concerns are not entirely explored, other times that means they are not explored at all.


10Much to our dismay, there is not a lot of time and training dedicated to Human Sexuality in our graduate programs. I have my Masters of Education in Human Sexuality and am now completing my PhD. My training has gone beyond teaching me about sex and sexuality, to also include how to help others address sex and sexuality. This means our work together will actually be catered to your specific needs.


What you can expect: After your free 20 minute consultation you will receive a case conceptualization form that you can submit electronically. I offer in person or virtual meetings through my video portal with I will review the form prior to our meeting so that we can take full advantage of our time together. I charge $100/hour for case consultation.


This video is a helpful introduction to what you can expect to cover:



It is important to have an expert help you hone your skills in addressing human sexuality in a professional and efficacious way. My commitment to you is to help you achieve your professional goals and incorporate a sexuality lens in your work with clients. Click below to schedule your free consultation.