Online Video Therapy


Online therapy using video is an excellent alternative to in office visits for folks with really busy schedules, those who are not local to the area, individuals who travel often and other circumstance that hinder access to weekly appointments. I want to offer options that hold both the struggles in maintaining consistent weekly sessions and your desire to receive quality individual or sex therapy.

Lets connect!

You have two options for video therapy. is best for strong internet connections and VSee is best for weaker/spotty connections.

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I utilize the both platforms to ensure confidential, secure and quality video sessions.


  • has both apple and android apps so we can connect over tablets or phones.
  • you will have to create an account and it is best to do this before our scheduled appointment.

  • offers apple and android apps so we can connect over tablets or phones.
  • you don’t need to create an account. Just follow this link to enter my “waiting room”. I will be alerted you arrive and will be with you shortly. (while you wait in, check out my youtube “waiting room music”!)

If you don’t have a smart phone or tablet, you must have a laptop with a webcam to use both of these services.


So how do we get started?

From the Eureka to San Diego. Sacramento, Los Angeles, the Bay Area and Redding. I offer the online platform for folks in California looking for individual and sex therapy.

Every intake begins with a 20 minute free phone consultation. We’ll discuss what you want from therapy, how payments will be collected and determine if online therapy can help you. Online therapy is different from in person therapy so we will discuss risks and benefits. Also, given some of the limitations of therapy via camera, this platform is not available for new couples therapy at this time.

  • If you are local to the area we would have an initial office session to review the online process and also to establish an in person relationship.
  • If you are not local to the area we will have a 4 session assessment period to make sure this platform meets your needs, ensuring you get the services you deserve.
  • Video sessions are also available for current clients who need to supplement an in person session when you’re on vacation or not able to make it in. What ever your need, I’ll make sure you have access to me at our regularly scheduled time.

If you are interested in video therapy, click below to schedule your free 20 minute phone consultation and we can discuss how I can help address your pscyhotherapy needs.